Facility Request

With many organizations using our school facilities and to avoid conflicts in scheduling building usage, we ask that anyone who wishes to use a building or any part of a building to complete this form and submit it ASAP. Many times these activities, whether during the regular school day or after hours, require custodial services OR affect the regular custodial cleaning. With completion of this form, it assures you, as well as our staff, that everything is in order the next day. Reoccurring events, i.e., athletics, may use athletic schedules for the season events. (Please send schedules to Nivia Flores, Custodial Director @ [email protected]) This form is also to be used for non-school organizations scheduling building usage.

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When using any school facility, everything MUST be put back in place as it was found.

In the event of cancellation, please contact Sunni Stewart immediately at the Operations Department (361) 384-2495 ext. 1603.

If kitchens are to be used, contact must be made with the ARAMARK Director, Gina Ochoa, at (361) 384-9080 or (361) 384-2361. You will have to hire one or more ARAMARK employees if you plan to use the kitchen facilities.

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